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About Instant Offer

Instant Offer is designed to get you the most amount of money for your home in the quickest time possible without listing it for sale!
Let's say you have a home to sell that you want sold quickly and without having to put time, money or effort into having it sold.  It could be a house in great shape or a home that needs fixing or has other problems.  
Cash investors provide quick closing, cash and require little to no hassles or repairs on your part.  The downside is, their offers tend to be "low-ball" offers.
With Instant Offer, we will send your property info to a large network of investors, having them bid against each other, ultimately driving the price and terms of your home to your favor.  Each investor has different requirements and margin requirements.  With Instant Offer, we aim to find the most flexible investor, willing to complete the purchase at the fairest price possible meanwhile providing cash to you (the seller) in the quickest time possible with the least amount of headaches.  
To expedite the process, call 714-501-6333.