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Competent deal making is a lost art.  Our deals make sense. 

  • Increase your cash flow by 30-40% or more
  • Reduce and eliminate ownership costs and management responsibilities of the 'buy and hold' strategy
  • Strategic investment advice proven to increase your return on investment
  • Become less dependent on appreciation - More dependent on investment buy/sell strategy and cash flow
  • Leverage your property, finance to buyer and earn 5-12% return yearly, steady cash flow
  • Learn about joint ownership, have a buyer purchase your home, make payments, take care of it, while you earn cash flow & share appreciation
  • Start collecting a return on your investment and enjoy the benefits of your investment today

Rather than having your money sit in the bank and lose to inflation... Or in a deadbeat property robbing you of your cash flow... Imagine This... What if you could turn that property into a cash productive vehicle that takes care of itself?   
Here's the problem with buy and hold... Prices are too high, purchasing a home requires too much down, rents are very low relative to the price you pay and expenses, etc... 
If you are seasoned or understand numbers, read on... 
A 1 million dollar home may rent for approx 5,000 per month or 60,000 per year.  That is 6% before expenses.  
After you pay your property taxes and account for vacancy rate, repairs, management fees...
Taxes about 12,000 per year
Management at 5% about 3,000 per year
Vacancy rate (loss rents) 1 months rent lost for every year leased 5,000 per year
Upkeep after vacancy (cleaning, paint, fixtures, repairs etc...)1,200 per year 
$38,000 approx yearly expenses.  This is fairly conservative considering no HOA payments or insurance payments are assumed.  
Leaves 22,000 per year  /  1 million investment = 2.2%  That also assumes everything is working as planned, no evictions or major repairs.  
Our plan is better.  Buy real estate, and leverage the bank to finance a buyer at a higher margin, and start earning real cash flow without the headaches or expenses.  Your property will virtually manage itself, with little to no cost.  Remember, buy and hold works in down markets, not during peak markets.  
Earn 5-12+% yearly return paid every month and up to 30% + overall return after exit by utilizing creative sales ideas and seller financing.  Call for details or fill out the form below. 

Each transaction is unique and tailored to fit your investment goals

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